Monday, March 22, 2010

Coleus Aromaticus plant

I grow the Coleus Aromaticus plant on my terrace garden. And this is one plant that you must have in your garden. This plant is known as Dodda Patre in Kannada; for other names, see The plant requires minimum maintenance if it gets good Sunlight and water. The plant is delicate, tender, and fleshy.

I brought a small cutting from my parents’ house, and I planted it in an earthen pot. I ensured that the plant received direct Sunlight at least for six hours, and watered it regularly. After a few months, the plant bloomed, gave lush fragrant leaves. This plant grows easily from cuttings.

For the soil mix, I used ½ portions Red mud, ¼ portions Horse manure, and ¼ portions peat soil. You can also use ½ portions of peat soil, ¼ portions of Red mud, and ¼ portions of manure. I cover the soil with dried Neem leaves; keeps pests away and retains moisture during summer. Water must be able to drain well in the soil. Prune the plant or pluck leaves regularly to keep it healthy.

The plant is aromatic and is used for medical purposes. To reduce skin irritation, I apply juice from these leaves on the affected area. To prevent or cure allergies, I eat 2-3 raw leaves with a salt crystal in each of the leaves. This method also reduces stomach problems – at least works good for my family and me.

Dodda Patre Plant at my Terrace Garden

For a brief description and health benefits, see and

Recently, I cut the leaves to prepare the famous, Thambulli. For a recipe to prepare Thambulli, see


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