Friday, March 19, 2010

Little garden

Welcome to my garden!

Gardening is a passion, and is also spiritual. From my childhood, either I have had a garden or I climbed trees belonging to someone else and grown with the trees. And I think I may have inherited a green thumb from my parents or ancestors.

I started my terrace garden sometime during December 2009. Though we have huge land space available, I chose the terrace as my experiment area, and private to me. First I bought Tulsi plants (Green and Black). Saw it grow, and then whither away. I also observed the movement of the Sun and it's rays falling on certain areas. This was important to know where to place the plants - some plants require 6-8 hours direct Sunlight; while others may require less or no direct Sunlight. OK, the study was made and the terrace was cleaned.

Next I bought a few more plants and placed them according to their needs of Sunlight. I bought pots of different sizes, manure, red mud, and peat soil. The garden equipments came in a little later. Everyday I spent an hour or so with the plants - watered them, spoke to them, and also wondered if there was anything I need to provide them. So this friendship grew.

Each time I saw a plant bloom flowers, I was thrilled and clicked photos. Each time I lost a plant, I felt upset and terrible. But then, I started learning from my mistakes, and read a lot of material on the Net, and also spoke to my family who had experience with gardening and farming. Thanks to those several blogs and material on the Net, and to all my dear ones, and to my plants for being with me.

Today, I have flowering plants, herbs, vegetables/greens, ferns, and others in my garden, and they are healthy. Recently, I also got three potatoes and a few spring onions from my garden. not to mention the herbs. I have planted tomatoes, stem turnips, radish, and others. Hope to see them grow healthy.

Mango Tree & Lemon Plant at Our Garden - 2010


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