Saturday, March 20, 2010

Seed-starting Pots from Newspaper

Yesterday, I found blogs about organic gardening, creating useful stuff from waste and available material, square foot gardening, and many other topics. I admired all those bloggers for being creative and sharing their experience with the World.

I use earthen pots to sow my seeds, and yes, plants have grown out of them. I accidentally bumped into a video that demonstrated how to make seed-starting pots from newspaper. Was I impressed! I wanted to try it out immediately, but held my patience till this morning. Check out

I used a glass bottle to roll the newspaper and make a pot. I made four pots today, and I had two plastic cups (recycle plastic), which I used as seed-starting pots. I mixed 3/4 portion peat soil and 1/4 portion horse manure to make the soil. Filled the newspaper and plastic seeding  pots with the soil, and then sowed the seeds - newspaper pots have knol khol (stem turnip) and radish seeds, and plastics pots have garlic (flakes) and fenugreek (seeds). I have covered the soil with dried neem leaves (that's from our neem tree).

I am eagerly waiting to see the seeds sprout.

Botanical names:

Newspaper Pots (Fig 1) & Plastic Pots (Fig 2)

Asha Ram

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