Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Beautiful Begonias

I want to talk about my Begonias – Red, Pink, and White. I love them all. These delicate plants add beauty to our garden, and the flowers flashed a healthy smile always. I bought them from different nurseries, at different time. Based on the Sun’s movement, I have been changing the position of the plants so that harsh sunlight does not damage them. The Begos grew well.


The plants grew bigger than its container, and well, I re-potted them in bigger containers. After a week or so, I observed that the stem cuttings had rotted in the new containers. I was upset, and regulated the watering of the plants. I also exposed them to partial sunlight.

Yesterday, I checked them – one was good, but two of them were struggling. Today, two seemed fine, but I doubt if all of them will grow healthy.

What happened? Botrytis disease or Pythium root rot! When I searched the Internet for more information, I found:
I must use a mild pesticide. Next time around, I must ensure the quality of the propagation material and the potting media. Well, I may also cut the healthy stems and replant them somewhere else to save the plants. I just want them back healthy!


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