Saturday, April 3, 2010

Plants after First Summer Shower

We had the first summer showers recently, and did that do good to my plants! The seeds that I sowed in the paper pots sprouted well. And today, I replanted the sprouted fenugreek plants. Here are the photos of the sprouted seeds.

The paper pots absord water and retains moisture to help the seeds sprout. I am happy about using paper pots to seed plants. The roots had grown well and healthy. I am waiting a little more to replant the raddish and knol khol shoots. I am yet to prepare the soil, and get a few containers to plant them.

The fenugreek plants smell nice. In case you have excess of these plants and wondering what to do with them, just toss them in a salad or curry or sambar. Tastes divine!

A few months ago, I had thrown tomato seeds in a container, and oh, they sprouted too. Now they are steady plants, wanting more space and manure so that they can bear fruits. One set of plants are all in a container now; I am wondering if they need more room to grown. Another set of plants are still tender; I replanted them in another container. Let's see how they grow.

From my parents' house, I had got one leaf of Ondelaga or Brahmi. And I was concerned whether this plant would grow or not. I waited for a few months, and today, I am happy to see the plant have more leaves; the leaves may fill the entire container soon. This plant needs sunlight, water, and space to grow. To know about its medicinal values, see

Growing mint (pudina) at your kitchen garden is easy. For me, I had to try a few times to successful grow the mint from a cutting. I am glad that the cutting grew into a nice mint stand. Hope I can grow more of mint.

Another variety of mint that I have at my garden is Peppermint. I love this plant; easy to maintain, smells awesome, and useful too. I bought a tiny plant from a plants nursery, and planted in an earthen container. Due to excess heat, the plant looked sad; I placed it at a place where it received sufficient Sun and shade. And oh, the plant grew well. From the root, new shoots sprang up, and now they are big. The Green leaves look inviting!  
My Rexes were unhappy with the environment; I placed in a shaded place, gave them water, and cleaned them. But still, I lost two of them, and I am so sad. Last week, I shifted the Rexes that survived to a window-sill; they receive sunlight during morning, fresh air, and they seem to look happy! As long as they are happy, I am happy. Check this Web site to know about Rexes and the Rex Queen,

That's all I have for today.

Enjoy the Easter weekend.



  1. The Rex is so cute! . First time I saw one.

    Thanks for the link on them.

  2. I had a collection of Rexes, but lost them due to variation in temperature. The Rexes are delicate. Now I prefer to admire then at nurseries or on blogs rather than grow them at home. :D


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