Sunday, May 23, 2010

Flowering season

Sun and rain can do wonders to plants. My plants seem to be happy with good Sun shine and rains. Most flowering plants have buds. The chrysanthemums have almost countless buds; the single-round Yellow colored flowers looked lovely. The pentas carnea Pink and White add color to the terrace. The Pink Hydrangea flower is a refreshing sight. 

Oh, I must mention Tabernaemontana Divaricata (single) plant! This plant is known as Nandi Batallu in Kannada. I was a little concerned when this plant did not show any signs of buds. So, I moved this plant to a place that received good sunlight. And within a few weeks, the plant had buds, and now sparkling little White flowers.
I must tell you that my almost dying begonias are saved. Though I could not save the whole plants, a few of the cuttings survived. Lesson learnt is that always use healthy (germ-free) potting soil. Moderately water the begonias and give them sunlight. Yes, I am happy the begos survived. I have to wait and watch how they grow bigger and flower.

A few months ago, I got tiny Gladiolus bulbs from my aunt's house, and planted them in different pots. They grew into Green blades. Last week one of the plants had a stalk of three buds, and in a day or two, one of the buds will bloom into a lovely flower, shade of orange.

I got Cosmose plants from a garden, and planted them in pots. I thought they would not survive, but then they did! I like their leaves - some freshness. This weekend a Yellow colored Cosmose flower bloomed, making my weekend very special. This plant has two more buds to bloom, and I am sure the other plants will also follow.

All in all I love my terrace garden, and it seems stronger now that they love me too. :)


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