Thursday, June 3, 2010

Laila’s Swirl and Strange Friendships

Due to Laila (cyclone), we had good rains. However, it’s sad to see the destruction that the cyclone caused at several coastal areas. For a glimpse of the destruction, see

Here the mornings are scorching bright. During the late afternoon, the clouds gather together, grow darker, and then pour down. Trees have fallen. Property and vehicles have been damaged. And yes, my tomato plants that had flowered lost all its flowers and never saw a single fruit. Excess water also affected the radish plants – did not develop good radish. The good news is that I used the radish leaves, stem, flowers, and pods in a curry (or India Dal). Was it tasty!

These days are fun because the terrace is filled with flowers. The Yellow lily bulb, which I recently got from my aunt’s house, flowered. The White-Red geranium flowers bloomed. I had thrown the Tulsi (Indian Basil) seeds in a few pots, the seeds sprouted, and lovely Tulsi plants adorn the pots. I am happy to see the Tulsi plants.

I pruned the Coleus Aromaticus plant, and replanted the cuttings. I am waiting for them to show some new leaves. I also got a good quantity of mint leaves. Oh, the fresh mint leaves have a lovely aroma! Did I mention that I found two potatoes when I cleaned the container that had tomato plants?

The activities on the terrace never seize to surprise me. I must confess that I have not been spending a lot of time with my dear plants. But they do not seem to complain. Hmm… I guess the terrace and the plants are best friends now. I wonder about the harmony among the plants – do they ever fight or dislike each other or is there a love story brewing? I also wonder about the conversation they have during the entire day and whole night.

Will they ever include me in their gang?


(Photo clicked using mobile phone; sorry for the quality.)

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