Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More blooms, and sowed seeds

Previously, I wrote about Purple hibiscus blooming. The White and Red hibiscus bloomed too. The flower is huge and pretty! The plant still has some buds. This plant can really grow big, and will have to be pruned to fit the pot.

We drove out of town over a weekend this month. On our way back, we saw a lake filled with some kind of lilies. It had started raining, but still we stopped, and then walked to the lake to pluck the lily plant. A lady washing clothes turned towards us, time and again, to see what we were up to. I walked up to her and asked her if I can pluck the plant.

She said that the water was deep. So I thought I can pluck the plants near to the edge of the lake. While I tried my luck, the lady called me and handed me some blubs of the plant. She adviced me about how it would grow and stuff. Yippee! I was glad to take the bulbs home and grow them.

Growing lilies and lotus in earthen containers can be challenging. You must get the soil near the lakes - clay kind or black soil. Exercise caution when trying to pluck a plant from the lake - you can really get entangled in their roots and drown. There are nurseries that sell healthy water plants with appropriate soil. Just buy them, and nuture them.
I sowed seeds of radish (again, let's see if I get some radish instead of flowers!), lady's finger, chillies, and carrots. That's a lot! A week later, seeing my aunt's enthusiasm, I promised her that I would sow seeds for her. And that she must take care of them, and transplant them when they sprout. I made paper pots, and sowed seeds of radish, chillies, and ladies finger. It's an awesome feeling to share, you know? I am yet to ask her whether the seeds have sprouted or not.

The mint leaves had grown wild, and definitely needed to be harvested! I love the fresh mint leaves. While I plucked the leaves, I knew exactly what dish to prepare - Pudina and Potato rice. Serve it with raita. And yes, the rice was fragrant and tasted delicious. Yum! I also shared this plant with my aunt. She is now back to growing plants on her terrace. Wonderful!

Lots of activities happening on my terrace! More updates later :)

Well, confession - I included more plants to my collection. Can't seem to stop that! Oh, I also got a plant from a petrol bunk; thanks to the friendly folks that ran the bunk!



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