Sunday, June 27, 2010

On a lazy Sunday...

Today I spent a good amount of time with my dear plants. A little bit of pruning, a little bit of spraying pesticide, a little of talking, a little of re-potting, a little photo session, and a little of fun! We also captured the squirrels, crows, and pigeons eating from their feed bowl. :)

The radish plants showed true leaves, and it was time that I transferred them to a bigger container. All the seeds sowed sprouted healthy. I am hoping to reap some radish this time around. As you know, previously, the radish plants started flowering and did not yield radish.

Lady's Finger
The lady's finger sprouts are ready to be transferred to a container; but I shall wait till next weekend to attend to them. The carrot and chilli seeds are yet to sprout. Hmm... Are they taking a longer time to sprout! Oh, there are a few tomato plants that are growing nicely. Next weekend will have more activity on my terrace!

Beans PodsMy mother saved beans seeds and gave it to me a few months ago. I planted all the 7-8 seeds, but did not take care; only one plant survived. This is the creeper kind of beans. Early this month I cleaned the container, groomed the plant, added fertilizer, sprayed pesticide, and stuck a wooden stick too. That's a lot of effort, no? The fruits (or vegetables) of hard work is beans pods!
Do you remember what happened to my begonias? See I am happy that a few plants survived and are flowering. I think I lost the Red variety of begonia. The dragon flower plant is also shaping up; but this one will take a little more time to revive. Oh, how I loved these plants! Begonias
BalsamOut of 4 balsam plants, only one survived; again, due to my negligence. I remember this plant growing almost everywhere at my parents' house, aunt's house, grandma's house, and, phew, everywhere. My plant has Pink-colored rose-like flowers. Absolutely lovely! Check this site to know how to grow balsam plants,

In my next update, I shall introduce my lovely caladiums and gloxinia plants. Enjoy your week ahead. And, if you still have not started gardening, start now!


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