Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spinach and lemons...

Today I plucked a few Indian spinach (creeper) leaves, chopped them fine, and added them into dosa batter. These leaves give an unique flavor to the dish, and I like it. This creeper grows really fast. I have both the Red and the White versions of the creeper.

The lemon trees have fruits on them. Some raw, some ripe. My mother-in-law's favorite trees! She had plucked the ripe ones, and shared a few with me. Oh, they are fragrant! I am waiting to use the lemon juice at the earliest. :)
I also bought two varieties of jasmine plants. One is tiny and single round petals; other is big and multi round of petals. I don't have the heart to pluck those flowers. They look lovely on the plant!

That's for today! Happy gardening!


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