Monday, July 5, 2010

Raking on a Monday...

Today began with a lovely walk and a ride around the city to enjoy the cloudy Monday. After completing all errands at home, I spent some quality time with my plants. Re-arranged a few plants on the terrace - placed the plants that require shade at a nice corner, planted tomato plants, re-planted Tulsi plants, nutured the beans and spinach creeper, and... rested against parapet wall, watching them all. Back-breaking work, trust me!

Along with squirrels, pigeons, crows, parrots, we had another majestic visitor today - to eat the bird feed. A well-grown hawk (I guess)! This one dwells on one of the trees in the neighborhood, and is my favorite. Wonder when this one turned into a vegetarian. Aw, the H must have nested, and might have been hungry! We were happy to see the H. These friends complete the garden and add life to it.

The Gloxinia plants - Magenta and White - have buds; the Magenta flowers have bloomed. I am looking forward for the White flower to bloom. These plants did not require much nuturing. They grew during their season and bloomed flowers when they had to. However, my African Violets are in sad shape. I do not think I am ready to grow the violets. Hmm... Let's see if the two violet varieties survive and flower.Gloxinia

The Knol Khol plants have good knobs. I am keeping my fingers crossed, praying that all the knobs to grow well. I am hoping that I can harvest during end of August or sometime later. I had to replant the tomato plants that were growing inside the containers that contained the Knol Khol plants.

The Lady's Finger plants seem to have survived inside their new container. The radish plants look puny. The beans creeper has two well grown pods; I have no heart to cut them and use them. Left them to form good seeds. Well, trying to grow a vegetable garden is a challenging job!

KnolKhol-Tomato-Lady's Finger-Beans
That's all from me. Next update will be on... Let's keep that a surprise.

Note: As always, the photos are clicked using a mobile phone camera; sorry for the quality.


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