Sunday, August 29, 2010

After the rains

It has been raining for a few weeks, and yes, the plants seem to crave for lots of sunshine. My vegetable patch is the worst affected. Okra flowers fell off after blooming; no fruits for a long time, I guess. I only hope the other flowers manage to stay and turn into fruits. Caladium plants too have lost a few leaves. And, God, plants are infected - White lice.


But the good part is that the plants look neat and lovely. My water plants love the rain water; raindrops on them look like diamonds. Seeds and bulbs have sprouted. The balsam seeds have germinated. The gladiolus bulbs are growing stronger and bigger. I am wondering if I should transplant the plants into separate containers, after a week or so.

This morning I pruned plants, removed the weeds, sprayed insecticide, and also put a handful of manure. Hard work. Thankfully, it did not rain today! Guess what... I had sowed sprouted peas, and voila, I see one of them breaking the soil to say a Hello!
Bridal Bouquet

Yippe, I managed to get strawberry plants. I also bought a plant known as Bridal Bouquet. These flowers are fragrant. To support the plant, I got an interesting looking branch from our neem tree. I put the branch into the container and twirled the creeper around. Ah, looks Zen-ish!

Our terrace garden missed artifacts. Today we bought two horses and one toad stool made of terracotta. We have placed them at random, but need to re-arrange sometime later. Eventful Sunday!

Ah, I tried my hand on bonsai. A decade ago, I had helped my mother make a bonsai. The tree stayed with us for a decade and more; but my dear doggie (may his soul rest in peace) smashed the pot and plant.

I bought a bonsai pot, mesh, and wire. I had a Jambul (Nerale) tree growing silently in the container that has aloe vera plant. This is my first bonsai. Let's see how successful this experiment will be.
Jambul Bonsai

Today have truly been a back-breaking Sunday.

Note: All the photos are taken from my Nokia mobile phone; excuse the clarity.



  1. Hi Asha
    I love your little garden. I've been getting my Anthuriums to flower, but no use. The plant is nice and lush, but not a sign of a flower. Same with my hibiscus..where am I going wrong?

  2. Hi Malathi,

    Thanks! Your Anthurium plants will flower, and so will the Hibiscus.

    For Anthurium, can you check if:
    a) The container is too big. If the containers are bigger than required, leaves grown lush but flowers do not show.
    b) You have been watering the plants more than required. Water the plants only if the soil is going to dry.
    c) Are the plants young? I have one Anthurium plant that's really young; it's lush but will flower, probably, next year.
    d) Location of the plant. If these plants get morning sunlight, that's sufficient. I have placed mine under a tree; they receive nice morning sunlight.

    Hibiscus plants require lots of sunlight (direct). You can observe that these plants grow in the direction of sunlight. Prune the plants regularly. The buds will show.

    I hope this info helps. Let me know how your plants are doing.


  3. This is a surprise... I placed stones around my little bonsai like what you have done here! I'll post a picture of it in my next post ;-)

  4. Hey Asha
    Thanks for the response! The anthurium is about 2+ years old. I have placed it inside the house as my balcony gets direct sunlight in the afternoon. The pot is a medium size...I can send you a pic.

    As for the hibiscus, it's about a year old now. Placed in the balcony where we get direct sunlight from afternoon to evening. Maybe I'll prune it a bit to see if buds show up!

    I am planning to start some veggies as soon as I can find some place in my lil balcony for extra pots. As of now I have only herbs.

    Happy Gardening! Cheers :)

  5. Stephanie - Would love to see the photo of your bonsai plant!

    Malathi - Can you email the photo of the plants? Let me see what can be done. Try growing mint, fenugreek (methi), ginger, and so on. Easy and less effort; lots of joy when you see them grow, encouraging you to experiment further. :-)

  6. Yes, I can..will also mail pics of my mint etc :) email id please.

  7. Thanks Malathi. Pls email to asha(dot)raam(at)yahoo(dot)com [].



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