Friday, August 6, 2010

Charming Caladiums

Caladium plants are commonly known as Elephant Ears or Angel Wings. These plants have large, colorful leaves, and become dormant during dry season. The plants need to be watered regularly. Remember that no parts of these plants are edible. Do not try to use it in salads or anything else you prepare!

Many varieties of Caladiums exist - humboldtii (argyrites), bicolor, schomburgkii, chantinii, and hortulanum. There are White, Red, Green, and Pink Caladiums. A few White varieties are Garden White, June Bride, White Queen, Aaron Caladium, White Christmas Candidum, and others. A few Red varieties are Brandywine Red, Freida Hemple, Postman Joyner, Fire Chief, Fannie Munson, Florida Cardinal, Red Flash, and others.

I have shared the photos of the Caladiums that I currently have.

Caladiums fascinate me. Hmm… May be because of their shape, color, and designs on the leaves. Each time I look at a Caladium leaf, I discover something new. The Caladiums may not grow if the conditions are unsuitable. I have seen one of them become dormant during the growing season.

Growing them can be tricky at times.

You may think that they need good amount of sunlight and keep them in such a place, but find them to have burnt leaves. Or you may think they need shade and indirect sunlight, but find them drop their leaves and become dormant. I keep them under the shade of a tree, ensuring that the plants get sufficient sunlight, fresh air, and frequent water.


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