Monday, August 2, 2010

Season of sowing-sprouting

July was a month that saw a lot of sowing of seeds and the seeds growing into plants. July was also a month during which I added more plants to the collection - roses, caladium, and other plants. I re-arranged the plants in rows and cleaned the entire terrace. A back-breaking month!

I sowed a few fenugreek seeds last week. Fenugreek sprouts fast and grows fast. I like them. For fenugreek, I used loose soil in a shallow container. Due to cloudy weather and rains, seeds did not require a lot of watering. I have covered the sprouts with fresh Neem leaves; hides the sprouts from pigeons, helps retain moisture, and also acts as a pesticide.

The photo captures the sowing-to-sprouting process.

Fenugreek sprouting
The beans seeds have sprouted too. I shall write more about in my next update.
The Anthuriums are blooming. I have Maroon, Pink, and dwarf Pink varieties. I am looking forward to add the Red and the White varieties. The Maroon colored Anthurium has crumpled leaves, and are they beautiful!
The photo illustrates a few Anthuriums that I have.
Oh, I almost forgot to include my Gloxinia babies! :-)



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