Sunday, October 24, 2010

An October Sunday...

Last night I made paper pots to sow some seeds today. This morning we bought some cement containers, some seeds, manure (horse), and Red mud. Work at the garden started with pruning some plants, sowing seeds, spraying pesticide, and rearranging a few containers so that they receive good sunlight.

During our morning walk, I met a lady who informed me that she had about 50 rose plants and a variety of other plants. Wow, isn't it? She had a gardener who keeps the plants clean and healthy. How I wish I could visit her to see her garden! 

What did I sow today? Well, papaya, Green capsicum, broccoli, radish, spinach, and cucumber seeds. That's a lot, I know; got to prepare the soil before the seeds sprout. I also managed to sow the potatoes, eyes that had sprouted.

The beans creeper was curling up in an odd fashion. I tied metal wire between two structures, and let the creeper climb on to the wire. I am assuming that the creeper will show flowers in the next 15 days. The peas creeper showed a flower this morning. That's such a fragile creeper!

Look who said a 'Hello' today - the White gladiolus flowers and the White-Purple gloxinia! They look like angels, smiling from morning to night. A few flowers have been attracting big Black-Gold-Yellow variety of butterflies. Ah, we spotted a White cat silently enjoying the afternoon siesta! Guess there is lot of activity at the garden.

The Sun and the sky was beautiful at 5:00 PM today. Managed to capture the beauty with my mobile phone camera.

Enjoy your evening.


Gladiolus 1

Gladiolus 2


Sun and Sky at 5:00 pm



  1. Looks like you had a fruitful day. Soon you'll get to enjoy what you have sown. The gladiolus and gloxinias are lovely. Perhaps this fluffy little cat is waiting for tweety byrd?

  2. Hello Asha, how's your day? Love your Gladiolus and Glox... they're gorgeous! 50 rose plants in a garden? Yes that's indeed amazing! Thanks for capturing that beautiful sky :-D Have a great day.

  3. PS: Hope your seeds will sprout quickly.

  4. Thanks AB! It's amazing to see tomatoes turn from Green to Red. Nature has it's way in everything! That cat was lazy, probably, had a heavy meal - some fish or something. Didn't care to move when I was busy clicking my camera.

    Thanks Stephanie! Day was good. Maintaining rose plants are challenging. I took a long time to buy my first rose plant. Having 50 rose plants is an achievement. Ah, when in bloom, how lovely they may look!

  5. Lovely ...i am just trying out gladiolus first time in chennai . its sort of monsoon right now . got two bulbs from bangalore . BTW , gloxinia looks too dear . is it a plant or u grew it from seeds ?


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