Friday, November 12, 2010

Cherry Tomatoes

A story...

Once I had thrown a rotten Cherry tomato in one of the earthen containers. I forgot about it, as usual. One day, there was a tomato plant in the container. It grew and grew, occupying the entire space and touching other plants too. I called it a big bully!

One lovely day, the plant started flowering. Later the flowers became fruits. And how many! The plant became heavy with fruits, and had to be tied to support poles/pipes. The plant continued to grow; covered the support pipes. When I praised it, it blushed.

It blushed so much that the fruits started turning Red. I plucked the ones that were turning Red, and felt proud and blessed to have the plant in our garden.


Lovely colors, uh?
Gerbera flowered, at last!
Pink-White Gladiolus


  1. WOW, Lovely. Liked you How do one plant Gladiolus and Gerbera?

  2. Thanks Sumi!

    I bought the gladiolus bulbs from Lalbagh (Bangalore) during the August 2010 flower show. When you select the bulbs, get full ones - round, thick, and healthy. Ensure that the bulbs are not rotting already.

    For potting soil, I used a mixture of Red mud, sand, and manure. I like the soil to be coarse, and so I use a little more sand. I also sprinkled a little pesticide to prevent ants and other insects from eating the bulbs.

    Make about 3-4 inches deep hole, place the bulbs, and cover them with soil (lightly). Water only when the soil is dry. Keep the container in full sunlight. After 2-3 months, you can see the plants. When the plants grow to a decent height, support with poles. The buds will slowly show. :-)

    After the flowering season, the plants dry. You can dig out the bulbs and store them for next season.

    Maxigrow is also good for flowering plants. See if you can get these sachets. One sachet to be mixed in 5 ltrs of water.



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