Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Anthurium collection

Happy Deepavali to all of you. May there be peace and prosperity in your lives.

Yesterday, we bought 20 earthen pots so that I could replant a few plants in them. And today, I quickly finished all my chores, and then spent about two hours at the garden. Replanted my lovely anthuriums, and awed at the shades of colors. This is the flowering season; normally, it is advisable to replant the plants after this season. But I had to replant because a few plants were growing in the growing-bags.

To prepare the soil, I used Red mud, coarse sand, and horse manure; portion was 3:4:3. I like the soil to be a little coarse for my anthuriums. First I put pieces of broken earthen pot into the container, and then added two layers of soil. Placed the plant, and then added more soil - from the growing-bag and the new soil mixture. May be tomorrow or next weekend, I plan to cover the soil with neem leaves; serves as pesticide.

I feel nice after this hard work. Guess what I treated myself to? Ferrero Rocher chocolate! :-)

About the seeds that I sowed two weeks ago, cucumber seeds, capsicum seeds, and broccoli seeds have sprouted. Waiting for papaya seeds to show some life. The potato plants have grown thick and strong; need to add more mud and manure. The baby tomatoes are turning Red; it's lovely to see them now.

Ah, ha, I have to tell you that another gladiolus plant has two lovely stalks of Pink and White flowers! My Gerbera plant, which never had any flowers, has a tiny bud now! Will upload the photos next weekend. And oh, I wish the rains mellow down; otherwise, I may lose a few plants.

Have a look at my anthurium collection. Your comments are welcome!

Note: As always, photos are clicked from my mobile phone camera; excuse the clarity.

Seductive Red

Sober White with Green tinge

Double Wings Red and Green
Meat Red with White lines
Purple Lady
Light Green with Pink tinge

Chocolate Brown!
Cascading Pista Green

Progressive Red and Red-Green
Twist Green and Red

Angel White
Pretty Pink
Merry Maroons


  1. lovely! am still waiting for mine to bloom. u sure have magical fingers :)

  2. Thx, Malathi, for the generous comment! Your plants will bloom; it's only a matter of time. :-)


  3. Good work, Asha. What lovely colors and collections of Anthurium you have!
    Loved the maroons and purple! I too have planted some of them, red and white. Waiting for it to bloom. Where did you get the horse manure from? Did not know about the neem leaves, will need to try out in my pots too.


  4. Thanks Sumi. Due to winter, the plants are kind of dormant.

    I bought the horse manure from Lalbagh or any nursery will be able to help you get it. You can also make compost at home from vegetable scrapings and dried leaves. And yes, Neem is awesome! I put dried Neem leaves in rice/pulses to prevent insects. :-)

  5. hi Asha,
    Thanks will try out neem leaves. Need to enquire about horse manure.

  6. they are all beautiful but i was particularly taken with the purple ones. i dont think i've ever seen that before.

  7. Thanks, Arati. The Purple ones flower throughout the year, and are pretty too. I managed to propagate a few plants from the parent plant. :)


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