Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Weekend...

Merry Christmas! Hope you had a good one. :-)

We went to the 36th Annual Cake Show held at Bangalore. Those cakes were colorful. I have uploaded two photos that depicts garden! For more photos, see

One of the cakes

Neat 'edible' garden
Our Christmas gift was the ripe double beans. They were tender and pink, and did they taste good! Pests have attacked the creeper; eggs laid on the back of the leaves. I handpicked a few of them, and later sprayed pesticide only on the leaves. I really don't like using pesticide, but I guess that our little garden is massively attacked!
Double Beans Pods

The Beans!
 The Okra plants and cherry tomato plants are flowering too. If you remember, I had pruned the tomato plant a few weeks ago. Now, the plant has flowers. That plant is amazing. I am expecting lovely tomatoes in a month or so. Let's see.

Cherry Tomato Plant
The Okra flowers are pretty. The Cream and deep Maroon colors attract attention. For me, these flowers resemble a shy and timid lady. And yes, Okra plants are low maintenance and non-fussy. Aw, I hope I am able to keep pests at bay! I wish I could send the pests on a holiday or something. :-)

Okra Flower

Oh, this morning I spotted lovely tender limes! My mother-in-law's lime plants have flowers and fruits; lots of fruits. She will be a happy person. The limes from this plant are delicious, and one can prepare tasty pickles. Yes, of course, one can prepare delicious lime tart! Can you also see the Red ants in the photo? They are a delicacy too! Hey, no, we don't disturb them or eat them. :-)

We'll connect in the new year. If you haven't already taken a vow to grow at least five plants at home (or community garden), you must take it one n-o-w. :-)

Have a happy New Year 2011!


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