Saturday, January 29, 2011

Strawberry, snails... and more!

I know... The blog title seems strange, but it's all about sudden findings at the garden.

One day, when I was watering the plants, I saw a tiny White bud on the strawberry plant. You see the strawberry plant shares the container with spinach plants. The spinach plants cover most of the container, and the strawberry bud was hidden. I was thrilled to spot the flower. Have been wondering how this tiny White flower turns into tasty Red strawberry!
Strawberry Bud

Blooming Bud
Tra la la... Bloomed Bud!

Another sudden finding were the snails in the water lily container. Initially, I wondered what they were - tiny, Black, and sticking on the sides of the container. Later I recognized them as snails, carrying their homes on their backs! Oh, how did they come inside the container? I have no idea; may be they were in the roots of the water lily plants or something. They look cute.
Snail basking in the Sun, on a lily leaf
And the other vegetables at the garden are:
A kind of spinach
Amaranth Leaves

May be Cabbage or Broccoli!

Spinach ready to harvest
The double beans are flowering again and some fruits are also seen. They look lovely. Expecting the ripe beans in a few weeks from now. A new chilli plant started flaunting chillies; the older one has amazing flowers. I love to see those White flowers upside down.

Hey, did I tell you about the cherry tomato plant? Well, guess what... I had pruned this plant completely. After a few weeks, the plant had new leaves, and pretty Yellow flowers. Now they have tomatoes ready to ripe.
Cherry tomatoes
That's all this week. Next week I have something special!



  1. This is just amazing!! Where do you get the seeds for these btw? I have tried tomatoes with some success but they are small cherry tomato size.

    Currently having lot of success with chillies. Have a single plant that is yielding some deadly hot chillies.

    I also tried to plant an onion and used the resulting leaves as one might a spring onion.

  2. Thanks, Rohini. Mainly, I buy seeds from Lalbagh, Namdhari, and Indo-American seeds. Sometimes, I save seeds from the produce that I buy, or a generous acquaintance shares seeds with me.

    Chillies grow well. My one chilli plant gave more than 12 dozens of chillies in two seasons. I've pruned the plant, and waiting for it to grow.

    About tomatoes, are you sure it's not cherry tomato plant?


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