Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friday harvest...

I was waiting for the weekend to harvest amaranth and spinach leaves. But I harvested them on Friday. The leaves looked so healthy and beautiful! I shared some with my inlaw; cooked palak paneer today with the rest of the leaves and took it to parents' house. Of course, the taste was amazing because the leaves were fresh.
Amaranth leaves
The plan now is to grown greens as much as possible. They grow quickly and can be good companions for other plants; means that I can utilize container space efficiently. Oh, they also add interesting colors to the garden! Did I tell you that the mint plant is growing well; I love that fresh Green color.

Now that I've removed spinach from the container, the strawberry plants can take over the container. Suddenly, the container feels empty, and seems like the strawberry plants miss they companion. Well, I am sure that's just a feeling in my head; the strawberry plants needed some more space to grown and flaunt. Now the entire stage belongs to them, and guess what's happened to the strawberry flower. This...
The week was also lucky because the lovely Red-Gold hibiscus bloomed, and I watched it in full bloom. On this part of the globe, hibiscus plants grow well. You can find several colors, patterns, and shapes of hibiscus flowers. There are times when the plants are completely covered with flowers. They look most beautiful!
Today, we had three water lilies - bud, half bloom, full bloom. I have always been attracted to water lilies and lotus flowers, and seeing them flower at home is a wonderful feeling.The cherry tomatoes are in their full spirit; one bunch after another show up, turning from Green to Red. That plant has stolen my heart!

Cherry tomatoes

What else is happening at the garden, you ask? Hmm... Lots! Let me tell you in my next blog. I hope your experiments at the garden are interesting. Happy gardening!



  1. Those tomatoes stole my heart as well! Love your beautiful blooms and bountiful harvest Asha. I am delighted to see strawberries coming. I hope you will have lots of them soon. Keep updates coming on your experiments. I am sure they are going to be interesting. btw, I am going to have amaranth for dinner today ;-)

  2. Thanks Steph! It's the first time that I'm growing strawberry; noting down all my observations. What do you generally prepare with amaranth?


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