Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our terrace garden expands

I hope you had a relaxed weekend, and I'm sure you are looking forward to the week ahead. 

More produce from the terrace garden over the weekend: Coleus aromaticus (doddapatre), chillies, and spinach
chillies, coleus aromaticus, spinach

Continuing the story about seed germination...I have already told you about the radish plants; those were one set of seeds that I sowed in the seed tray. The other set was sponge gourd; two seeds. Both the seeds germinated beautifully. I was amazed at the development of roots. Over the weekend, I moved the plants to bigger containers. During my childhood, this gourd was easily available; sad to know that it has disappeared from the market these days. I'm hoping to harvest some healthy and delicious sponge gourds.
Roots of sponge gourd
Sponge gourd seedling
Long time ago, if you remember, I wrote about my Okra plants. At the end of season, I saved seeds from these plants. Recently, I sowed the seeds in the seed tray. Wow, all the seeds germinated! Now I need to purchase a few containers to plant the Okras. Soon, I'll be running out of space. Well, I guess I'll have to learn ways in which I can use the real estate better; more experiments, more fun. 
Okra seedling

I am not sure if I mentioned about the hybrid capsicum (Green peppers) plants. I had bought four seedlings. Now the plants are about 8-10" in height, and they have a lot of buds. I'm wondering about how the plants can bear the weight of the peppers. Let's wait and watch.
Green pepper plants
Psst... I still haven't solved the mystery whether the plants are cabbage or broccoli. They look gigantic and pretty. When we drove around the outskirts of the city, we saw fields with cabbage, and my plants resemble those plants. But broccoli plants too look similar. I'm confused as to which seeds I sowed in which containers. That's due to bad planning; I forgot to stick labels. So, I'll sit and wait to see what the big surprise will be. Wish me luck!

The new plants that I bought are hybrid pomegranate, hybrid lemon, henna (Lawsonia inermis), Buddha belly plant (Jatropha podagrica), and grapes (black) creepers. The lemon plant has a lemon and a few flowers. The pomegranate is young, and will take a few more months to display buds. The henna plant, after the replant, seems to be drooping; hoping it'll get adjusted to the new soil. I love the Buddha belly plant. My aunt had it at her house when I was young. I would ensure that I saw the plant each time I visited her. The one that I bought has a beautiful bottle shape and flowers on the top. The grapes creeper was a surprise; was lucky to find them!
Henna plant

Buddha belly plant

Grapes creeper
There is so much more to write about, but words fail to capture the joy of watching each plant develop. It's similar to parent watching the kids grow. Looking forward to read about your garden and the happenings. :-)



  1. Your garden is giving lots of fresh produce now. The veges look so healthy and the little darlings are growing well. Cheers!


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