Friday, February 25, 2011

Radish, beans, mint, and flowers

Today's harvest: double beans, cherry tomatoes, and radish leaves.
Double beans, cherry tomatoes, radish leaves, and some flowers
 Yes, the radish plants have grown bigger and healthier this time around. I see the radish developing under the soil. Yay! Today, I cut a few well grown leaves. Hoping to toss them in a salad over the weekend. I absolutely love the crunchiness of these leaves.

Where did I replant them from the seed trays? I planted them as companion plants for hibiscus. One container had a young cabbage plant, and knowing that this plant would take a longer time to grow, I planted a few radish plants in the container. The plants are happily growing and living their companions. I can't ask for more, can I?

What did I do to keep the pests at bay? I have been spraying Neem oil solution (dilute) week after week, and providing sufficient manure. I also ensure that there is about 2-4" distance between the plants, and sufficient soil. If I get good radish this time, I will plant them on a regular basis. Grows quickly, loves the company of other plants, tastes great, and good for health!

Lush green radish plant

Radish developing
The mint has a different shade of Green. A month ago, I thought that I had lost the mints. I added more mud and sprinkled a little manure, and waited. My mints are in a small earthen bowl about 3" deep, and a thought about replanting the mints into some other container crossed my mind. But I didn't. After a few days, the mints revived, and now are ready for a cut. I've stopped buying mint from the market. The fresh ones are fragrant.


The lollipop plant (Pachystachys lutea) was infected, and I almost lost it. I had pruned it heavily, and disliked my act; but the damage was done. I moved the plant with other kinds of plants; giving it some friends. All the plants grew but for this one. When I had lost all hope, I saw leaves, and then buds, and now flowers! It's like magic.
Lollipop flowers

The hydrangea plant has flowers. This plant is a survivor. Once I sprayed pesticide, and that turned out to be strong for the plant. The leaves got burnt. What pain! Later when I sprayed a mild pesticide (that's what I assumed), again, the leaves got burnt. I was hurt. I became cautious about the plant's needs and sensitivity. I didn't disturb the plant any further. The plant grew shyly, and has flower. :-)


Remember the gerbera plants that I bought? All of them have new leaves and buds. One of them has a pretty color combination - White and Magenta (/Pink). This week the plant had one more flower. It's stunning! This is a funny plant especially because the color of the flowers can either be Pink, Blue, or shades of Purple depending on soil pH. Many times I ask myself how Mother Nature created everything so beautifully.

My weekend is packed with work at the garden. I can feel my back already cracking. Wish me all the luck! What am I up to? Surprise! Wait for my next blog.

Have a relaxed weekend. But don't forget to romance your lovely garden.



  1. The gerberra is so sweet in pretty shades of pure white and transparent pink. I have never seen such colours in a daisy. Wow!

  2. Yes, AB. I fell in love with that daisy the moment I saw it. Mother Nature's magic!

  3. Hello Asha,I absolutely loved your blog.Your plants and photos are really gorgeous & inspirational ! I want to ask you- how you take care of Gerbera ?
    I bought small plant with red flowers after some weeks flowers wilted and now leaves too seem to wilt.Any info regarding plantlife and sunlight ? Thanks

  4. Hi Pratibha, thanks, and welcome to the garden. Gerbera loves the Sun. A little fertilizer helps them grow better. Ensure that you pluck old and dry leaves. Also, spray fertilizer (organic or mild chemical) at regular intervals. The hybrid plants are more delicate.

    The other plant... Can you check if you are over-watering the plant? Some plants (new) tend to lose their leaves (but will grow) when their environment changes. May be that's the reason?


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