Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bountiful Sunshine

Shines on the Green peppers.
Strokes the Strawberries.
Blossoms the Purple hibiscus.
Fills my heart.
Bountiful Sunshine...

Green Peppers Plant 1

Green Peppers Plant 2

Tiny Strawberries

Purple Hibiscus and buds
Happy summer!



  1. Oh how I miss my purple hibiscus. The growth stunted due to pest attack for such a long time! And hibiscus syriacus grows much slower than rest of my other hibiscuses. It's wonderful to see yours in bloom :-D And the strawberries are beautiful!

  2. Steph, thanks again. I've observed that this variety is a late bloomer, and needs attention. I had pruned the plant long time ago; only now has the plant started flowering. I also fed it and sprayed insecticide (on regular basis). Oh, but still pests love the plants! :-) All the best with your hibi syriacus.


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