Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lazy weekend

This weekend I rested well; needed good amount of sleep and rest. During the week, I planned to replant seedlings, lemon plant, grapes, and others. But did nothing other than water the plants and look for pests. I feel bad for not working at the garden. Hmm... Some days are just for one to rest; aren't they?

Today I bought two seedlings of Yellow peppers, and observed that one of them had one tiny aphid but no further damage to the plants. Removed it by hand. I've had so much trouble with pests that I dislike to buy plants with pests. Pest management involves a lot of research and consumes a lot of effort. By next month, these plants will show flowers. I'm excited to see the Yellow peppers. The Green  pepper plants are doing great; lots of flowers and a few will turn into fruits.
Green Pepper - Flower

More flowers

I have this eggplant plant that has thorns on both sides of the leaves. It was dormant for a while but has now flowered; lovely flower. I see that there are more branches shooting from the ground. No idea if this plant is the Purple eggplant or Green/White one. Let's wait and watch. :-)

Eggplant - Flower

My mom visited us, and loved the garden. Oh, my parents have Green thumbs! We bought a few plants for mom's house, papa planted them all, and wow, they have grown. I gave mom a few radish leaves, mint leaves, and spinach. Also gave her leaves of the insulin plant (costus ingneus). The leaves taste a little tangy. I haven't posted a picture of this plant? Will upload one shortly.

About a year ago, I bought young White Ixora plant, and nurtured it. I was concerned whether this plant would grow in containers; it did grow! The leaves looked healthy. The plant also tolerated Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum or Holy basil) plants as companions. Good to know that plants too need friends! About a month ago, the ixora plants showed signing of flowering. The plant has flowers now. Each bud blooming like tiny stars. Love them!
White Ixora - Flower 1
White Ixora - Flower 2

There's a lot more activity happening at the garden; will post them in the next blogs. 

Enjoy the colors, fragrance, and foliage at your garden.



  1. Wow! you've got a lovely garden there!! Good luck on the peppers & brinjal :)
    btw, from where do you source these seedlings (esp the yellow peppers, citrus & grape vine)?

  2. I hope you are well rested Asha. It's wonderful to see ixora blooms. Your white one is beautiful. Hope your yellow pepper will grow wonderfully for you. Have a great week!

  3. Hi GoodEarth,

    Thanks for stopping by. We drive out of town a lot, and whenever we spot a nursery or a farm, we stop and buy a few plants. Lalbagh has a variety of citrus plants.

    You can also save seeds from the fruits that you consume (example, lemon, orange, peppers), and sow them. Such seeds sprout.

    Hi Steph,

    Thanks! Yes, I did. Managed to buy some containers yesterday. Probably, next weekend I'll get busy @ the garden. :)


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