Monday, March 28, 2011

Mango madness

Mango (Mangifera indica) is one of the famous fruits of India. We have so many varieties of mangoes that, at times, we are spoiled for choices! During my childhood, I remember that many houses grew mangoes in their courtyard. The main activity of the kids was to somehow pluck a few mangoes; of course, without the owners knowing about it. Due to urbanization, the mango trees have decrease inside the city. 

The Lalbagh garden has many mango trees, and one can see the horticulture department plucking the mangoes during the wee hours of summer mornings. See The regular walkers flock around to see the mangoes, though the mangoes are not for sale at the garden. 

I am waiting for the Mango Mela (fair) that happens during summer every year. Check out a few photos of the mela at That’s the time when you see the walkers practicing weights – lifting bags of mangoes! Mangoes from all over the state are displayed and sold at the garden. Oh, last year we tasted some yummy mangoes! In fact, I could not wait till we reached home, ate two mangoes at the garden itself. 

As you already know, we have a mango tree (Malgova) at home. This year we are expecting a good harvest. The tree has several mangoes already, waiting to ripe. But our dear friends – the squirrels, parrots, and other birds – have started feasting on the mangoes. Daily there are half-eaten mangoes fallen on our terrace. The parrots are the happiest; it’s a delightful sight to see them sitting on the branches and nibbling. Our friends seem to attack every mango that I mark (mentally) to be plucked in a few days. Cannot be angry at them, can I? It’s their food, and well, the mangoes (sour or sweet) make them sing sweetly.



Mango at arm's reach
Marked to be plucked
Let’s see if I can pluck a few mangoes over the weekend. Enjoy the mango madness!



  1. Mango or even planting mango tree is popular here as well. My house used to have one also. Btw I hope the parrot didn't nibble that one in the last photo hehe...

  2. I'm hoping that too! But the parrots are very cute, and their chirps and melodies keep me company when I'm home.


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