Monday, March 7, 2011

Spider Plants

The Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum) is easy to grow, propagate, and maintain. Variegatum and Vittatum are the different varieties. The plant has several names, such as Airplane Plant, Spider Ivy, and Ribbon Plant. If you are new to gardening, start with this plant; buy one, and watch it grow without to much supervision. That's the advice from seasoned gardeners, and I echo their advice.
Spider Plant

The Spider Plant can be kept indoor or outdoor; tolerates varying temperature and grows in a variety of soil (or even among rocks). Good drainage, and sufficient water and fertilizer helps the plant grow well. The leaves are long, shooting from the center. The plant has White flowers (and plantlets) that appear on branced stolons.
Plantlet 1
Branched stolon with plantlets

To propagate this plant, cut the plantlets from the parent stem, and plant them. If the roots/White tubers (rhizomes) fill the containers, you may want to re-pot the plant. The Spider Plants are relatively free from pests. However, look for worms, mealybugs, or scales, and also observe any damages to the foliage. The plant dies if completely neglected or watered/fertilized excessively.
Plants from parent plant

Watch this interesting video; something resembles the leaves of the Spider Plant. Don't you think so? :-)

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  1. Great advice on the Spider Plants. They bring back fond memories for me. I have not grown any for years and now I do not know why I no longer have one. I always loved seeing the little plants growing on the ends and hanging down. I am honored that you added my bogs to your blog roll. Thank you and gald you dropped by.

  2. Thanks Lona! It's a pleasure to read your blogs. The Spider Plants look beautiful when grown in hanging baskets. :-)


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