Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Summer salad from home grown vegetables

What's the update about radish plants, you ask? I harvested, and prepared a salad. Of course, my tummy was happy! :-)
Fresh salad
Previously, I would get only leaves, but no radish. I got a lot of radish leaves this time around, and a few small radish. I have learned a few lessons from the experiment this time; hoping to implement the learning during the next season.

What went right? I planted the seedlings such that they had sufficient space to grow. Also ensured to pick a container deep enough to accommodate the radish.

What went wrong? The seedlings that I planted as companion plants gave only lush leaves. Probably, the spacing between the host plant and the seedling was not sufficient or the host roots were deeply and widely spread.

All right! How did you prepare the salad, you ask? I chopped a few cherry tomatoes, radish leaves, and radish. Put them in a bowl; sprinkled salt and pepper, and added juice of half of a lemon. Toss everything, and served it cold. I like the crunchiness of radish leaves and radish, and the tangy taste of tomatoes and lemon juice.

So, what kind of salad do you like? I would like to try them.


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