Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blooms After Rains

It's a sunny Sunday, but may rain in the evening. Many flowers bloomed today. The bunch roses (Red) have plenty of buds. The hibiscus plants have several flowers almost everyday. The hydrangea plant has three bunches of flowers. The gerbera plants are ready for next round of flowers; one of them has a bud. The lemon plant has fruits and flowers; looks pretty.

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Lemon Flower
White-Red Hibiscus
Red Rose (Bunch)
Orange Hibiscus
Red & Gold Hibiscus
One of the Hydrangea bunches
Basil Flowers
Gerbera Flower
Yellow Hibiscus

Happy gardening!



  1. I really like the white and red hibiscus variety!

  2. Thanks, CG! How's your course? When the Sun is bright (afternoons), this flower is in full bloom; looks gorgeous. :)

  3. Beautiful blooms! the hibiscus look amazing, I miss seeing them around as much as back in my country

  4. Hello Tootsie; thanks :)

    Hello Fer; thanks. Hibiscus flowers are pretty, and are grown easily here. I like them.

    Hope both of you had a good weekend.


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