Friday, April 22, 2011

Gorgeous Moth Orchids & Heavy Rains

It's been a day of joy and concern. Joy because I bought three Moth Orchid (Phalaenopsis) plants. Oh God, they are gorgeous! Concern because the rains don't seem to stop, and my plants are soaked.

Outside, please see, it's raining cats and dogs. Does it even look like Indian summer? Nope! Rains yesterday. Rains today. My plants outdoors are soaking in the rain. I feel helpless, even though I've moved African Violets and Gloxinia plant indoors. I also moved other plants under the roof. Aw, the Hollyhock and Cosmos seedlings are dead due to the heavy rain! Why couldn't I have used a seed tray or paper pots instead of sowing in a container; couldn't have kept them indoors? I'll have to sow the seeds again sometime; let's see.

Switching back to the joy part... While the Orchids sit right in front of me and stare at me, I'm staring back at them wondering whether I'm equipped to grow them. Reading material or researching about Orchids may not completely equip me to grow them. But if I never make an attempt to grow them, I've live with the feeling that growing orchids is a tough job. So, here I am - the new mother of three darlings! Welcoming all tips about growing them.
Moth Orchid - White and Magenta
Moth Orchids 2
The Orchids are potted in thin, transparent plastic containers; filled with coco husks. The leaves are dark Green, broad, and healthy. Each plant has two stalks of flowers, supported with slender sticks. I can see a few roots above the potting material. I was instructed to water these plants once in five days, and to fed them once in fifteen days. The potting material was very dry, and I couldn't resist sprinkling a little water.

Moth Orchids 3
I'm trying to decide a place to keep the orchids; a warm and cozy place with good air circulation. Windowsill? Living room? On a table near a window? Hmm... I admire the gardeners that are growing orchids successfully. So, what may have been their experiences?


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