Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jade plants

I have been home all day today; was unwell. I'll try to keep this post as short as possible. :-)

Morning when I watered the plants, I noticed that the smaller jade plant had new leaves. The plant is also called money/friendship/lucky plant or crassula ovata dwarf jade/elephant bush/Portulacaria Afra. This plant has been with me for almost a year now. I picked it up the minute I saw it - bonsai version.

When I bought the bonsai (smaller) jade plant, I would observe it everyday - is it really surviving or growing? Oh, yes, I have kept the plant outdoors in nice sunshine! A few leaves fell, and that worried me. I learned that too much watering can result in the leaves to fall. Now only when the soil is dry, I water the plant. Seeing a tiny new leaf excites me.

The bigger one is a real beauty. Among all the plants, both my husband and I liked the same plant, and it came home with us. The plant has overgrown, and I need to move it into a bigger container. I may also prune it a little, and use the cuttings to grow new plants. Hmm... I got to wait till I recoup, before I begin more experiments.

Did you know that the jade plant is popularly used as a feng shui cure. See Feng Shui Plants

Here are the photos (clicked from mobile phone):
The first jade plant
The bigger one
Cheers to health and prosperity!



  1. Sorry to say, this plant is not Crassula ovata.
    This plant is Portulacaria afra, also called as dwarf jade, elephant bush.

    Crassula ovata has bigger and thicker leaves, looks much better. Also there are many cultivars of crassula ovata

    1. Thanks for correction; will update the blog :)


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