Monday, April 11, 2011

Mistaken identity - Indian Nightshade or Eggplant?

Mistaken identity, yes, and ignorance is bliss! Especially when the ignorance brings such bliss that one doesn't differentiate between the Kantakari plant and the eggplant. Do you remember about the photos of eggplant that I posted? Those plants are called Kantakari or Indian nightshade or Solanum indicum. Aw, I feel ignorant without bliss (; I nurtured the plants assuming they were eggplants)! :-(

The Indian nightshade is a weed, most of the times; however, it's also a herb. The plant has prickly leaves and fruits that resemble tiny eggplants. The Flowers of India Web site and Home Remedies Guide mention the plant as a herb; as a medicine for high fever, the fruits ground, and mixed with honey may be administered. Please don't try it without consulting a doctor.

My dilemma was whether I keep these plants or remove them. Firstly, for me, these plants are weeds. Secondly, my necessity was to grow eggplants. Thirdly, I can use some empty containers to plant seedlings. Hmm... I guess that I will remove the nightshade plants.

Do you have this plant at your garden or have you come across similar weeds?

Asha, a little wiser

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