Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 10 Indoor Plants

Indoor plants add glamor to the interiors of any building. Some indoor plants help in air filtering and purification. However, one can be allergic to some indoor plants; check before placing the plants inside the house or office.

I have plants that can thrive indoor and outdoor, though I haven't placed plants inside the house. I grow the plants outdoors, and move them inside when need be. That way, on a day-to-day basis, I don't have to bother about mosquitoes and other insects on the indoor plants.

If you have plants indoor, ensure that you wipe the leaves, remove cob webs (if any), clean the container, and provide sufficient air and light to the plant. Remove damaged leaves or whithered flowers. Observe if pests reside on the plants. Please don't spray insecticide inside the house; take the plants outside. It's good to keep the indoor plants out in the sun (as required) once a week.

My list of Top 10 indoor plants:
  1. Dieffenbachia - Variety of plants available.
  2. Money plant - Most versatile. 
  3. African violets - Delicate; requires indirect bright light. Windowsill facing east/west is a good choice.
  4. Ferns - Lovely and easy to maintain.
  5. Spider plants - Very easy to maintain.
  6. Anthuriums - Love these plants for their non-fussy nature. But they need good air circulation and sunlight to flower. Keep them outdoor once a week.
  7. Hypoestes phyllostachya (polka dot/freckle face plants) - Amazing foliage! 
  8. Jade plant - Lucky one!
  9. Peace lily - Absolutely stunning when in bloom. We have plenty of these plants at the bottom of the coconut trees (shade or indirect sunlight). 
  10. Indoor palm - Excellent to grow inside or outside. Don't crowd the container by planting many plants; keep one plant per container. 
  • Orchids - Mine sits on a branch of a tree! :-)
  • Rubber plant - Gives a 3D effect to the place that it decorates. Love the thickness of the leaves, and the shine.
Polka Dot/Freckle Face


Polka Dot/Freckle Face

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  1. I really like the beautiful patterns on the leaves.

  2. Hello, AB! How have you been? I like the patterns too.


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