Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Seed Sowing

It's Tuesday, and a hot summer day. We have many more Tuesdays to survive before the rains slash. By this time, we had to have a few summer showers. Guess the global warming has badly affected all parts of the globe. How is the weather on your side of the globe? I hope your gardening is fit, fine, and beautiful.

This morning I sowed a few seeds of cosmos, hollyock, and amaranth. These flowering plants revive memories of my childhood. Those days we had lovely gaint cosmos - Pink, Magenta, White. The plants grew tall and had amazingly beautiful flowers. People would stop to see those flowers, and chitchat with my mother. The hollyhocks were plenty, and what a variety we had! My grandmother (father's mother) also grew these plants; she had a different variety. Aw, she developed allergy due to the leaves! We were, and still are, found of the amaranth leaves.

Tuesday seed sowing was indeed to cheer the good old memories. This time around I didn't use the seed trays or paper pots; I used the crude way of sowing seeds - dug soil inside a container, sprinkled some seeds, and closed the soil. Hoping that the seeds will germinate, grow into healthy seedlings and plants, bloom pretty flowers, and gift many seeds. Every gardener's dream, eh?

Leaving you with photos of the seed covers.
Amaranth Seed Cover
Cosmos Seed Cover
Hollyhock Seed Cover



  1. Thx, Steph. I have orange-yellow cosmos, and they are lovely; hope the new ones grow well.


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