Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weeding over the weekend

It's been an eventful Sunday. I managed to clean the garden - swept the dried leaves, re-arranged the containers, pruned a few plants, removed the weeds, and sprayed insecticide. Eventful, isn't it? How was your weekend? How is your garden?

The hibiscus plants have flowers almost everyday. The fragrance of the jasmine flowers is soothing; if we keep the house door open, the fragrance fills the house. The roses are beautiful; the White roses are in full bloom while the others have buds. I have now placed the White rose plant on a short wall; the flowers fall nicely.

The vegetable plants are fine. The okra plants have okra, which I haven't plucked; want to save their seeds. The amaranth seeds and the hollyhock seeds have sprouted. The pepper plants have new leaves; hope the pests stop troubling them. During June, I am expecting a good harvest of the peppers. Amen!

About weeding, well, I started early in the morning. Thankfully, the morning was pleasant, not sunny at all. I planted the Buddha Belly plant in a container; this plant was in the growing bag for a long time. I pulled all the containers out, removed weeds in them, swept the place, and re-arranged them on the terrace.

Weeds suck all the nutrients and attract pests; thereby, affecting the main plants. So, first, identify the weeds, pull them out without affecting the main plants, tap the soil from the roots of weeds, and then dispose the weeds. Do not utilize them in making compost; just dispose the weeds! Check the containers to ensure that the weeds have been pulled out from its roots; otherwise, the weeds will spring back into action.

Several containers had companion plants growing along with the main plants. Holy basil and basil plants filled a few containers, and oh, they had many seeds! I cut all the seeds and saved them. Removed all these plants, and planted in separate containers. The basil plants are herbs that must grace every garden.

The passion flower creeper (well, I still haven't blogged about this lovely creeper!) and the bridal bouquet creeper desperately needed supports to grow. I directed one of them to grow on the wire-support, and the other one on a ladder-kind of support. The creepers seemed glad!

There is so much activity that happens at the garden that one day or one weekend isn't sufficient to observe everything. I still have work to complete, which I have postponed to next weekend, which is a long weekend. I have small containers that are currently empty. Hopefully, I can plant the seedlings or young plants in these containers over the next weekend.

That's all I can blog about today. Sharing a few photos...

White Roses
Jasmine that has 12-13 petals
Baby one, sharing space with the parent plant

Baby two, sharing space with baby one and mother plant
Hollyhock Seedlings
Amaranth Seedlings
Coleus, grown from cutting
Happy gardening!



  1. shubashini ramkumarMonday, April 18, 2011

    hello madam, i stumbled upon your blog while browsing about gardening books for my mother who is an avid gardner. she is hoping it rubs off on me. after seeing your work iam hooked. thanks for sharing your work. im in coimbatore TN. i hope to start my garden soon. all the best.

  2. Hello Shubashini,

    Thanks for stopping by! Glad that you liked the blogs. Gardening is a fun activity; try it.

    Coimbatore has a climate suitable for growing a variety of jasmine creepers, tuberose, and chrysanthemums. You can also grow vegetables such as greens, tomatoes, potatoes, drumstick, onion, and eggplants. Do try to grow citrus and papaya. :-)

    All the best to you!


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