Monday, May 23, 2011

Bridal Bouquet Creeper

I bought my Bridal Bouquet (Stephanotis floribunda Clematis flammula ) creeper about nine months ago. This creeper is also known as Madagascar Jasmine, Waxflower, or Hawaiian Wedding Flower. I wrote about my excitement when I bought this vine, The creeper has grown from fragile baby to a strong creeper. It has a lot of buds and a few flowers. These flowers have a seductive fragrance. At evening, it's nice to stand near this creeper and absorb the fragrance. At night, the flowers seem like tiny White stars. :-)

When I bought the creeper, I planted it in a container, and kept a Neem branch as support. This branch had a beautiful shape; loved it. Due to rains, the branch was damaged, and I replanted the creeper in a bigger container. I placed the container near the parapet wall, and tied a metal wire to support the creeper. The creeper grew and grew, and one fine day, I observed buds. I was thrilled! The creeper not only survived but also flaunted itself.

This creeper is easy to grow, thought it looks fragile. It can grow in full or partial sunlight. If planted on land and provide a good support, the creeper grows beautifully. Some people may also grow this creeper indoors, probably, at a window facing East or North. The creeper has flowers during summer (mid or late); loves to rest during winter and raining seasons.

I have used a cement container to grow this creeper, and ensured that it receives good sunlight (for about 4-5 hours). In the photo, you can see the creeper resting on the thick parapet wall. On this metal wire support, a variety of jasmine creeper also grows. Thankfully, they haven't yet overlapped. I feed the creeper every fortnight. Until now, the creeper has stayed pest-free. And I hope it stays that way. Amen!

This time around, I hope to see bunches of these flowers, and spend my weekend afternoons sipping tea (and reading a book) by this creeper. I understand that the berries from this creeper are inedible. Waiting to see the berries. For more information about the creeper, see

I hope you have a great Monday!


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