Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bunch of roses

Roses are special flowers. I, for one, have been mesmerized by roses, many times. The half-bloomed buds captivate me. I love to see the flowers on the plants rather than plucking them. I have a small collection of rose plants, and they have been blooming lovely flowers. You may have read about them at and

This morning when I pampered the plants, I was totally mesmerized by the bunch of Pink-White roses. The young flowers are Pink, and turn into light Pink or White as they bloom fully. The roses have a delicate aroma. I love these roses. You know what... This plant is a non-fussy one, and loves to bloom several flowers. The Red rose plant and Pink-White rose plant sit majestically on a small wall, facing opposite to each other. The combination of Red and Pink-White is gorgeous. See... I told you that these flowers mesmerize me. :-)

All my rose plants are in earthen containers. I use a soil mixture of Red mud, sand, and manure. I also like to add a little bit of coco peat to the soil mixture. My elders say that horse manure does wonders to the roses. I feed the plants with horse manure and the rose mix that I bought from Lalbagh. The minute I see something like buds, I feed the plants; a little every week. The flowers grow healthy, and flaunt lovely color.

If water clogs in the containers, for sure the rose plants will die; the roots will decay. Use a well-drained soil. Check for bugs on the stem and leaves; the bugs love the buds, and nibble them away. As you already know, powdery dew attacks are common at my garden. I use Neem oil (mixed with a spoon-full of detergent) in water, and spray regularly. Wish I could do some magic, and save my plants from powdery dew attacks.

For more information about the rose diseases, see

Happy gardening! Good week ahead.



  1. This is such a pretty rose! The colour so soft and sweet also. I agree bugs love buds. And I don't like to see them attacking those buds!!

  2. Thx, Steph! How have you been? Yes, the color is soft and soothing.

  3. Hi Asha,

    My Skyblue clustervine is suffering from fuzzy white bugs, no amount of soap water seems to be working.

    I cut back the whole creeper (broke my heart to do so) months ago, now its growing back well but I see the bugs are back too. Can you suggest something?

    Im growing doddapatre with my vine ( i thought it would keep them off ) - that seems to have lessened the impact, but the bugs are still there.

    Any suggestions would help. Thanks,

  4. Hi Rohini,

    Aches to see bugs destroy a plant! But bugs love that vine.

    During rainy season or when there's strong winds, pests tend to spread. You have to check the plants almost every day.

    Sometimes you may have to remove the bugs with your hands. When you cut the infected part, ensure that you dispose it far away from the plants.

    Try adding Neem oil to the detergent mix; repeat every week for a month. If you get Neem leaves, you can boil them in water. After the water cools, spray it on all the plants. That too will help.

    Also by growing Marigold plants as companion plants, you can prevent pests. Some also boil the leaves in water, and spray on all the plants. Hope these tips help.


  5. Thanks Asha, I will try the neem oil / leaves. Currently I'm trying a mix of ground raw garlic, red chillies and onion water ( pulp drained off, water sprayed on plant ).

    Will let you know if it yields any results.

  6. I've heard of this remedy, but never tired it, Rohini. Let me know if it was effective.


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