Saturday, May 14, 2011

Caladiums in limelight

You must have read about my caladium collection. It's again their season, you see. They have been popping up in various containers. For now, I've let them grow as companions plants. The caladiums flaunt unique colors and spots on the leaves. I feel nice to see the leaves emerging one after another. Soon the containers will be filled with lots of colorful leaves. What a sight that would be!

The caladiums look pretty especially after the rains. Rain just stopped, and the plants seem to have enjoyed the rain. Wondering if some raindrops had manage to stay on the leaves, I went outside to click a few shots of the caladiums. Well, raindrops had slipped off the leaves by the time I went. Here are the pictures of the cals.

I hope you are having a good weekend.



  1. I recently started to collect caladiums.. U have a very good collection !!!

    1. Caladiums are beautiful! All the best :)


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