Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pigeon's busy sunday

We have pigeons that are a part of our garden. These are not our pets, but they seem to like the environment and have been nesting and living there from years. When I water the plants, these birds watch with curiosity, and then fly towards the feeding bowl. They land, and check what's inside the bowl. If I haven't put anything yet, they walk around the bowl a few times or fly past me a few times just to remind me to feed them. When the bad tom cat prowls, the birds cry, and I walk out to shoo the cat away. Well, we share a strange relationship, though the birds aren't our pets!

This morning I managed to capture the pigeon's busy Sunday. It is building a nest; the lady is almost ready to lay eggs. She nicely sits inside the cement box that decorated the window. The male is very protective, and seems to be doing most of the  - construction work - building the nest! He searches for dried twigs, holds them in his beak, and flies to the nest. I feel nice to see the love between them. I guess that spring ignites romance! :-)

Here are the photos that capture the pigeon's hard work.

Twig in beak
Full grip
Set to fly towards home
Home, here I come!


For more photos of the beautiful bird, see

Celebrate love!



  1. Good shots Asha! I hope by now the pigeons have a lovely nest already ;-)

  2. Thx, Steph! The nest may be ready. Though I'm tempted to climb a ladder, and see what's happening, I stop myself. Let the pigeons have some privacy. :)


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