Sunday, May 8, 2011

Potatoes, Chillies, and Peanuts!

Yippee! This weekend I harvested lovely potatoes, spicy chillies, and tiny peanuts. I must put a heavy lid on my curiosity. Why do I say that? Hmm... Wondering what happened to the peanut plants, I pulled out one of them to check whether peanuts had grown. Oh, well, I got two tiny peanuts! But many were still in developmental stage. I didn't touch the other peanut plants. Within a month or two, these plants will have several peanuts. Lesson learned - Curiosity kills the cat! :-)

Today's dishes were all cooked with home-grown vegetables - mango rice and potato-bread crumbs curry. The mango rice has home-grown mangoes, curry leaves, coconut, and chillies; while the potato-bread crumbs curry had home-grown potatoes and (again) curry leaves.

 Enjoy your weekend. Keep gardening!


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