Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Resisting the urge to splurge

Have you ever got carried away by something that you spend uncontrollably? Would happen to me. For example, whenever I enter a nursery, I feel like buying a dozen plants. When I see containers, I feel like picking a few. When I see nice display of seed packets, my hands itch to pick a few dozen packets. The urge to splurge is a weed that needs to be uprooted (sometimes)! :-)

Now, before I buy a plant, I ask these questions:
1) Do I have the budget?
2) Do I really need to buy this plant now?
3) Am I equipped to grow it?
4) Is buying seeds cheaper?
5) Do I have space for the plant?
6) How much additional amount must I spend on its maintenance?

Budget: One way to control over-spending is to make a budget. Plan your garden, and approximate the cost required to buy the plants and to maintain them. Per month or quarter, set aside a little amount, and try to use only that amount for gardening purposes. This discipline takes a long time to set in. But once it sets in, you rock! You are no more an impulsive shopper; you are a wise one.

Alternatives: Sometimes, buying seeds or bulbs is cheaper than buying a plant.You may want to check alternatives:
  • Does a friend have this plant? Can I exchange plants with the friend?
  • Can I grow the plant with seeds? Are seeds available?
  • Can I look at a few other nurseries for the plant (lesser price, better quality)?

Space: Crowding plants in the available space is never a good option. The plants need their space just like we need space. The plants need sufficient light and air to be healthy. Vertical gardening is a good method; check it out. Companion gardening is also excellent, but ensure that you know which pairs of plants can be teamed together.

Knowledge: When I have bought delicate or exotic plants without an idea about the plants, I have felt odd and anxious. If the plants happen to die, I have felt horribly guilty. Now, if I see a plant that I want to buy, I get the details about it, and return home to read about it. On a later date, I pick up the plant. Knowledge is power, and we need to use it wisely, and never shy away from experimenting.

How would you resist your urge to splurge?



  1. Hi Asha,

    I too get the itch when it comes to those garden seed displays! One good way to stop from spending all of my money on seeds and/or plants is by visiting

    There are lots of folks to trade plants and/or seeds with there! It's really fun and lots cheaper than visiting the nursery :) It's sometimes easier to find plants that are considered more rare too! You can set up a list of haves and wants and there is a wealth of other garden info to help youu get started. A warning can be quite addictive :) Have fun! Rebecca

  2. Hi Rebecca, thanks for stopping by, and sharing the info. I visited the forums site, and it is interesting; bookmarked it. This kind of addiction is nice nice! :D


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