Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sunday morning walk

On Sundays, we like to walk inside Lalbagh, admire the trees and flowers, click a few photos, either meet friends or acquaintances, and drive back home. The beauty of this garden is that throughout the year you can see one or the other tree blooming flowers. There's that delicate fragrance that lingers throughout the year.

This garden attracts a lot of walkers. In fact, there is a Walkers club too. The garden is also a place to socialize. Oh, you can see good old friends chitchatting about everything in life! If only the trees could narrate the stories of all the people that have walked in and out of the garden, what a noise pollution that would be!

Morning walks are always refreshing. It keeps us peppy and active throughout the day. The greenery seems to calm the mind. Each time I look up at the sky, the vastness makes all issues feel trivial; thereby, pumping new energy into me. It's a beautiful feeling.

The garden authorities have also been feeding the birds, predominately, the pigeons. It's a feast for these birds. Initially, a few of these birds would feed on the grains (maize). Currently, there are hundreds of these birds that flock to gobble the grains. When disturbed, all the birds fly at once; that's a pretty sight.

We are blessed to have this garden at the heart of the city. If you drive around Bangalore, you'll see at least one community park with a walk path and kids' play area. We need more of such parks, and we need to plant more trees especially after trees being chopped due to providing better infrastructure.

BTW, I managed to click a photo of a butterfly - was sitting on the wall behind the lemon plant. :-)

Updated on June 1, 2011: This is Papilio Polytes Romulus butterfly. Thanks to Rohini for letting me know.

Happy day!



  1. Hi Asha,
    You have a lovely blog, and very gorgeous plants. I'm quite green with envy :)

    Btw, The butterfly here is a Papilio Polytes Romulus (Also called Common Mormon) it mimics the Crimson Rose butterfly.

    Link here :

  2. And I admire your photography skills! :)

    Updated the blog with the butterfly info; thanks.


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