Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday treats

From past few days, we had rains; but today was a day of clear sky. The garden was wet, and the leaves that had fallen stuck to the terrace. With the Sun out today, the terrace seems a little dry, and hopefully, I can sweep the fallen leaves tomorrow morning. Got part of rains is that plants look neat and nicely watered. The plants show several buds after the rains stops and the Sun shines brightly.

I managed to capture a few flowers this morning. A few Orange roses, Red roses, and Magenta roses had bloomed. A variety of jasmine (I think) has more buds and flowers. Last week, this plant had stopped flowering, but now it has several buds. The flowers aren't fragrant, but bloom throughout the year. I don't know the botanical name (or native name) of this plant; please drop me a line, in case you know the name.

Happy Gardening!


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