Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cherry tomatoes and lemons are back!

Ah, it rained just enough to wet a few parts of the terrace. Wish it rains heavily; it's supposed to be rainy season!

Yes, the cherry tomato plant have tiny fruits. I had saved a fruit from the parent plant, and sowed the seeds. This one plant survived. Due to powdery dew attack, I had plucked most of its leaves, and wondered whether the plant would survive. I guess it is a fighter! :-)
Cherry tomatoes

All the lemon plants have a good yield, this time around. Unfortunately, we get only a handful of lemons from the plants that grow on the land (downstairs). Our dear maids or tenants tend to pluck all the lemons; wish they let the lemons grow to a decent size. Today, I plucked a few nice ones. They smell fresh, and remind me of lemon tart!

The passion flower creeper has a tiny Red-colored bud. At dusk, the bud looks pretty - as though it has absorbed all the hues of the evening. I like the foliage too. If planted on land, I am sure that this creeper will grow like a giant snake. The container may be restricting its growth; let's see if I need to replant it in a bigger container, after the creeper's flowering season is over.
Red passion flower

There's one other variety of jasmine (ambur mallige), growing in a container. This creeper has been growing with bridal bouquet and the passion flower creeper - all three creepers on a single string. They seem to be encouraging each other to bloom flowers. And so, our dear jasmine creeper has a few buds. I'm thrilled to see them. Can only imagine its fragrance filling the terrace garden!

The Purple Lady anthurium has never stopped flowering. This plant (and other anthuriums) are non-fussy and are low maintenance ones. When they all flower, oh, that's a pretty sight! Almost all the anthuriums have flowers regularly. But today's blog has a photo of the Purple Lady.
Lady Bird



  1. i have lots of flowers on my cherry tomato plants, but none of those matures into fruits. could you plz tell me what can change this?i am applying potash on the plants

  2. Hi,
    I have been going through your blog since past few months and have found it very interesting and informative.
    Your flowers are beautiful and pictures have remarkable clarity.
    Cherry tomatoes look wonderful. I had planted seeds from store-bought cherry tomatoes and now they are flowering and fruiting too. Keeping my fingers crossed

  3. Hi Dwaipayan,

    It's good that the plant has lot of flowers. Pls check:

    1) Fertilizer/Water - are you providing either or both in excess? If you have recently fertilized the plant, wait for about 3-4 weeks to add more. Banana peels are a good source of potash; put them on/inside the soil. Touch the soil before watering.

    2) Sunlight - is the plant getting sufficient sunlight - 5-6 hours?

    3) Pollination - male flowers tend to fall off. Can you try to manually pollinate the flowers? Have a mix of vegetable plants and flowering plants so that you attract insects/butterflies that help in pollination.

    Hope this info helps, and keep me posted. All the best!

  4. Hi Chitra,

    Thanks! Those tomatoes will be a delight. Let a few tomatoes ripe on the plant itself, and oh, do they taste sweet. All the best.

  5. Your purple lady is so gorgeous!!

  6. Aren't they? The plant has continuous blooms; and love that color. I hope your week will be fun.

  7. Hi Asha,
    I am growing orange cherry tomatoes and they are almost at the end of their cycle now.
    I came across your post about saving the plant and will definitely try it.

  8. Hope you had a good harvest, Chitra. It's winter, and the plant may seem dormant for a few days.


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