Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mango Mela 2011

The Mango Mela is held at Lalbagh (Bangalore) during every summer. Mangoes from different regions (Kolar, Ramanagara, and others) are showcased and sold. We love this mela (fair), and attend it each year. This year the fair is a little late; but is fun! Started on June 3; will end on June 19, 2011.

Along with mangoes, jack fruits are also sold. Oh, the smell of mangoes and jack fruits are amazing! Today, after our morning walk, we bought Raspuri, Bhanganpalli, and Dhasera variety of mangoes. Oh yes, from our mango tree, we tasted Malgova. Nothing can compare to the home grown mangoes!

Here are a few photos of the mango mela.

Mango and Jack Fruit Mela 2011
Stalls in the morning
Thothapuri Mangoes
Chakkaregutti Mangoes

Dhasera Mangoes
Raspuri Mangoes
Mallika  Mangoes
Badami Mangoes
Jack Fruits
Jack Fruit - Orange Variety

Enjoy the season of mangoes and jack fruits!



  1. The mangoes and jackfruits look absolutely wonderful! I can smell them from here... yum!!

  2. Ha ha... Steph! Well, they were tasty and tempting :)

  3. Hello, I leave in Denmark and I love the indian and Pakistani mangoes varieties, which are, (according to my taste) the best mangoes of the World. I have a green house and I wish to grow my own mango tree. I have imported some different mango trees varieties from Spain, and I hope I will succed. I wish I coud bye some indian or pakistani varieties, but this is not possible due to plant import restrictions, or, if you could give me an adress in the U.K. from where I could import them. it will be no problem, since the U.K is a member of the European Union. All the best.


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