Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid week update

I've been busy - all work and no play - to update the blog site. During the weekends, I have bought new plants, re-potted a few, and cleaned the garden. The mango tree looks lighter - all the fruits have been plucked; got to wait one more year to see those fruits. Oh, and due to wood work at home, all the plants are filled with sawdust!

Two varieties of tomato plants have grown; one has fruits and another has flowers. The peanut plants are lush, and I wonder by when I pluck the peanuts. The Green pepper plants have peppers. The chilli plants are flaunting chillies. I planted potatoes today; baby potatoes. Oh, they're very cute! It's the first time that I'm growing this variety of potatoes.

The Red-Orange gladiolus has flowered. At my aunty's house, the White (big) gladiolus has flowered, and she said that they look gorgeous. I'm yet to visit her. And the lollipop plant has started flowering again. The last buds of Phals have bloomed. The golden Yellow bougainvillea flowers are pretty. I'm waiting for the White and light Red bougainvillea flowers to bloom. These are new additions to the garden.

Pentas carnea
Enjoy gardening!



  1. Your lollipop and geranium are really special!

  2. Thanks, Steph! How have you been?


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