Monday, July 11, 2011

First lotus - bud to bloom

In my previous article, I mentioned that I have a surprise for you. I am going to reveal that surprise in this article, and you are going to love it. :-)

Today, when I woke up in the morning, the leg that I had hurt pained less; but it needed a lot more resting than I expected, and I also needed to tighten the bandage. My husband, who was walking on the terrace, came inside the house to inform me that the lotus bud had become bigger. Limping, I went outside to see it, and yes, it was bigger. It may bloom today or tomorrow, I thought, and limped back inside.

Today being cloudy, there were faint chances that the first lotus bud would bloom. By 10:00 AM or later, the Sun came out, and I went to the terrace garden to soak in the Sun. That's when I saw that the first lotus bud had bloomed. Oh, I got emotional! I limped back inside the house to take my camera. I clicked a lot of photos of this lovely flower.

I planted the lotus plant about six months ago. The plant was tiny, and I wondered if it would grow healthy. The Water Lilies have settled down, and have several blooms. Well, I hoped that the lotus plant would grow too. Almost everyday, I see the plant; check it's leaves and secretly hope for a bud to appear. And when the bud did appear, I was thrilled. So, the experiment was successful - Water Lilies and Lotus. Cheers to that!

Here are the photos showing different stages of the lotus bud - morning, afternoon, and evening.

On July 7, 2011
On July 8, 2011
On July 11, 2011
Shyly blooming
Spectacular arrangement of petals
In full bloom
Closing for the day
Happy gardening!



  1. The lotus is my favourite flower. You are so lucky to be able to witness it blooming and to capture on camera. Next time, you must let your DH lift you up from bed and carry you to the garden to enjoy the lotus, Bollywood sytle, lol!

    Asha, I am so lucky I can see your blooming lotus. Lots of get well soon wishes to you and (((Hugs)))

  2. Many thanks, AB; I am much better now. There's one more lotus bud that due bloom this weekend. It is a joy to watch them bloom. How much I love your blogs and photos of the exotic lotus flowers! Hope you have a good day.


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