Saturday, July 2, 2011

Growing baby potatoes

Potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables to grow at a terrace garden. During May 2011, I harvest a few potatoes; the potatoes were tasty and soft. When I see shoots in the potato eyes, instead of discarding them, I cut and sow them. Saves the potatoes and some money too!
Regular potatoes - shoots in the eyes - highlighted
I had a desire to grow baby potatoes - cute and tiny ones. Whenever I've purchased such potatoes from the market, I tend to cook them all before shoots appear. Oh, I love these potatoes, and tend to use them in several delicious dishes! This time around I had saved a few baby potatoes to see if shoots appear. And, voila, they did appear!
Baby potatoes - shoots in eyes - highlighted
I quickly cleaned two containers and filled them with soil. Instead of cutting the eyes, I planted the whole baby potatoes. They being tiny I didn't want to cut them. Yes, yes, the shoots have grown, and surfaced. Well, it's been raining here, and I need to move the containers to a dry area. Also potatoes love the Sun. They like to be water regularly, and need little fertilizer. Satisfy their basic needs, and they'll love you.
When I grew the regular potatoes, I didn't have any issues with pests except the powdery dew. That was manageable. But potatoes, when planted on the ground, attracts rodents. If there's excess water, the potatoes decay. Check for beetles and aphids, and keep leaves neat.
Hello World!
All I need to do now is to wait for next 2-3 months to harvest the baby potatoes.

Happy experimenting!



  1. Your potato growing adventure has just started with these cute seedlings. Wishing you a good harvest in time to come!

  2. This is a clever reaction on your part Asha. Enjoy seeing them grow ;-) Btw, your post before this has really beautiful blooms. Good selection of plants you have in your garden.

  3. That is really cool. Potatoes are one of my want to grow vegetables. I have never tried because i lack the space, but after seeing yours, maybe I can make a corner for some baby ones

  4. Fer, the potatoes plants can grow in containers (or growing bags) that have depth. You can also stack them vertically as a workaround to the space issue. I am yet to tried the vertical arrangement. All the best, and let me know about your experiment.

  5. Steph, thanks! I have a surprise at the garden; hopefully, I can share about it this weekend. :)


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