Thursday, August 11, 2011

Garden @ Golden Palms Resort & Spa

The first time I visited the Golden Palms Resort and Spa, I was mesmerized by its greenery and the big swimming pool. Recently I visited the resort, the landscaping, the garden, and... the greenery was greener than ever.

Note: I lost a few photos in the camera; no idea how that happened. I've posted a few photos from the saved photos.

I love the landscaping. The green lawn, the vibrant colored flowers, and the beautiful artifacts capture one's senses. The swimming pool is awesome; surrounded by coconut trees and the palms plants placed in containers.

When I walked around the resort, I saw a lot of trees - coconut, avocado, guava, banana, gooseberry, and paneer fruit. Except for the paneer fruit tree, all other trees have fruits. The guava tasted sweet. A few avocado fruits had fallen from the tree; I took one. I had to resist the temptation to pluck gooseberries. Actually, for guavas, we asked the permission of the security guards, and they gladly let us pluck a few. Hmm... Must have asked them for gooseberries too!


What can I say about the flowers? The flowers are all of different colors; not one color repeats. The collection of croton plants is beautiful. Watching the bees and butterflies fly from one flower to another is a good relaxation therapy.

Hope you had relaxed day.



  1. What a lovely place with lovely plants! I can see how you would be tempted to touch and even pluck the fruit. The statues are so beautiful and add so much to the garden and property. Thanks for the tour!

  2. You are welcome, SB! How have you been?


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