Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Glimpse of fields on the way to Hampi

During our recent visit to Hampi, we saw several fields with healthy and beautiful crops. We stopped at some fields, spoke to the farmers, and clicked a few photos. This article is dedicated to the friendly farmers who took a few minutes off their busy schedules to talk to us. It's such a delightful feeling to be in the middle of a field, with the crops staring at you!

The Tumkur-Sira-Chitradurga-Hospet district is famous for its horticulture produces especially the fruit crops such as sapota, banana, guava, musk melon, pomegranate, and others. Farmers grow chilli, onions, sugarcane, okra, cotton, sunflower, garlic, arecanut, coconut, and other crops. Farmers also grow a variety of chrysanthemums that fetch good money.

During the monsoon season, they rely on the lakes and rivers for their irrigation; however, some farmers have bore-wells installed. Farmers that have bore-wells at their farms don't tend to use the water from the lake or river (unless the water bodies are inside their property). Thereby, allowing the other farmers to get sufficient supply of water. That's a neat arrangement. But tell you what... if climatic conditions are crazy, farmers encounter a major loss.

All right; let the photos do the talking. :-)



Cluster beans


Cotton flowers

Chrysanthemum plants



Onion flowers


  1. Very pretty stuff! Hampi is gorgeous, but never knew that getting there is even prettier :)

  2. Hi Malathi,

    It's the monsoon that has turned the fields into little heavens on Earth. We enjoyed the journey itself.



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