Monday, August 29, 2011

Growing Jade Plants from Cuttings

In my article titled, Jade plants (April 2011), I mentioned about two of my Jade plants. Post April, this Jade plant grew bigger and bigger. The small container that held the plant toppled due to the imbalance. That's when I decided to cut the plant, and grow more Jade plants using the cuttings.

To start with, identify the strong and healthy branches in your Jade plant. Each cutting can be about 3-4 inches. Cut the branches just below the nodes, with a sharp knife or scissors. Ensure that you do not damage the plant in the process.

Clean the wound on the main Jade plant with a dry cotton ball, and then spray a pesticide to avoid infections to the plant. For about a week, keep the cuttings in a dry and cool place so that the wounds can dry. This process is necessary so that the plants do not rot at the root or do not attract diseases.

Jade plant 1
Meanwhile, prepare the potting soil. When the cuttings are dry enough, plant them in the potting soil. Ensure that you do not water the plants in excess. Within a few days or a month, the roots will develop, and you can see new leaves.

Jade plant 2
That'll then call for a celebration!

Oh, and today, one more Lotus flower bloomed; cheers to that!

Aug 30, 2011 Bloom

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